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Surround yourself with such elements that emits warm golden light like sunlight overcome anxiety & stress.

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Our product

Reflan is a premium ornate golden Lantern , especially handcrafted in India for people who appreciate elegancy, luxury & perfection. It's a product that takes your space into the golden era, with its warmth & elegance. 

- Reflan Team

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assembly guide

Step 1-  Unpack all the apparatus from the packaging box. It should contain glass box/boxes, a set of batteries, high quality shredded paper, battery operated fairy lights. 


Step 2 -  Remove the batteries and put them into respective battery holders and turn on the switch to brighten up the fairy lights. 


Step 3 - Insert the battery box and place it at the bottom of the container horizontally. Remember to untangle and keep the wire outside the box till Step 4.


Step 4 - Remove a fistful of shredded paper and place it over the batteries in such a way that it hides the battery box from view. Stuff it delicately without crumpling the paper. 


Step 5 - Coil the fairy light wire in your preferred look and insert it gently into the box. Repeat with all the boxes and place them on a dim lit counter for best results. 

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